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What is a Sirius Strategy?

Sirius Strategy

When you create a Sirius Strategy, you:

  • Create a clear and purposeful vision

  • Set shared strategic priorities

  • Clarify what it is critically important right now

You get access to proven tools, facilitators and examples that will:

  • Inspire and motivate your organization

  • Engage your people and leaders in every step

  • Empower your people to achieve what matters

  • Save you time

Innovative tools and methods

The Sirius Strategy approach brings together industry leading tools and methods that will save you time, and help you craft a strategy just right for you. 

Outcomes and Key Results (OKR)

Describe what matters.  Link it to your Vision.   Identify the specific desired results that are needed.  Cascade results to every level of your organization.  Institute a culture of initiative, ownership, agile learning and delivering results.

Balanced Scorecard

Measure your ability to deliver what matters.  Identify key performance indicators (KPI) that you can measure.  Gather and analyze data.  Regularly review your performance to understand what you do well, and what you need to improve.

Narrative Vision

Describe your successful future in terms that are conversational, comprehensive and inspirational.  Describe every aspect of your business as you will experience it in the future.  Help everyone see their successful future.

Strategy Management Tool (SAAS or self hosted)

Use a proven platform to engage everyone in the development of your strategy.  Use the same platform to regularly review  and update your strategy.  Use the same platform to share your strategy with everyone in your organization.

Strategic Scans

Use advanced analytical techniques to complete internal and external scans.  Move beyond S.W.O.T.  Make P.E.S.T relevant.  Merge art, science and statistics to yield strategic insight on every aspect of your organization.

Strategic Plan Samples, Examples and Templates

Start with the end in mind. Show everyone what the output should look like.  Engage everyone with simple question based exercises, samples, examples and template outputs.

Ready to get Sirius?

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