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Why should you hire

a Sirius Strategic Facilitator?

A strategic facilitator helps you...

Create the strategy you need in the time available

A strategic facilitator helps you create a strategy that meets your needs while ensuring your time is well spent.  The available time of your leadership team is one of the scarcest resources in your organization.  A strategic facilitator will help you use it well.

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Focus on your strategy

A strategic facilitator provides a planning approach, tools, templates, time management, moderation and documentation.  Your team will have one job: focus all their energy on defining what the future for your organization is and what you need to do to realize your desired future.

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Harness conflict to support learning and commitment

A strategic facilitator elicits conflicting perspectives and promotes constructive conflict by reinforcing principles of curiosity, mutual respect and a first-team mindset. They demonstrate constructive conflict is a vital part of team function that sets the foundation to learn from each other and establish commitment to shared goals.

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Allow everyone to be a participant

A strategic facilitator frees you from the responsibility to moderate discussion, keep the group on track, seek areas of agreement and capture key points in the discussion.  Executives note it can be challenging to guide the planning discussion without the appearance of bias or implicit influence over contributions of peers or direct reports.

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Challenge critical assumptions

A strategic facilitator identifies critical assumptions and challenges the group to fully explore them.  Often critical assumptions are long-held beliefs in an organization that are more apparent to a fresh set of eyes, or are so deeply held that leaders do not want to raise them for risk of alienating their peers.

87% of our clients have recommended us.
We believe we can do better.  Our goal is 100%.

You helped us navigate through complex issues and noise.  We distilled the important strategic issues to propel our business forward  as well as the tactics to be executed.  The team feels a strong degree of ownership and accountability.  This will now be the living document we need.

Large Private Sector

We have used your strategic facilitation services for several years.  In our first year your approach and templates helped the board align our organization to our strategic priorities.  It took far less time than we thought it would  and every meeting was to the point.  We will continue to use and recommend your services.

Large Health

Services Provider

​Your facilitation skills are excellent. What we accomplished in three days was significant.  It gave us collective focus on our priorities in concrete way with a far better understanding of how to use measures to monitor our progress and gauge whether we are meeting our goals.

Large Justice
Sector Organization

We do not publish the names of our clients.  We provide named references as part of contract formation to confirm our capabilities.

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